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C.S.I. specializes in Book-keeping & Payroll Support Services for Small to Medium size Irish companies and individuals. They can compile Income Tax, Corporation Tax, V.A.T. and P.A.Y.E/ P.R.S.I. calculations and returns. Year End Financial Accounts can be provided along with CRO Returns.



Unified Technology Solutions


Unified Technology Solutions Ltd was established to combine our existing Telecoms business and our Security Solutions in which we have grown and developed over the last 20 years. Our Product Portfolio has now expanded into many areas which we have excelled in. We Now Provide a Complete Range of Telecommunications & IP Solutions, Also with our CCTV & Security Division we can also offer a complete range of services in this area including Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Fire Alarm and many more added Services. Within our industry we are continually updating our knowledge in both the Telecoms & Security Sector, we can provide a catered installation & service to suit a customer’s requirements. Unified Technology Solutions Ltd is constantly training &  updating our skills to meet the changes & developments in our product ranges.



Welcome to Ekco, we are a group of industry experts assembled in Dublin & London. Drawing on over 50 years combined experience, we believe we have identified gaps in the current data protection offerings and we see room for both service and technology improvements. We believe we have the strongest and simplest data protection offering on the market, combined with superior service level. Our expert team design, configure and manage every aspect of your cloud backup or disaster recovery solution. Protecting data, no matter where it resides, physical servers, virtual servers or cloud servers. Our founding directors’ professional experience lies specifically in the areas of data protection, backup and disaster recovery services.



GHO Distribution Ltd.

GHO a fully Irish owned and operated company has been providing technology orientated products to Irish customers, through great times and tough,  since  2002. The combined technology sales experienced of the three directors Garech O'Shea, Harry Connell and Olan O'Callaghan is in excess of 70 years.

The IT and Technology world has progressed out of all recognition since their early days but the lads ability to adapt to continuous technological advances and to embrace the ever changing IT landscape has ensured that GHO has not only survived some difficult years but has grown stronger and is in a position to offer more products and better service to our customers.

Our long standing relationship with high profile manufacturers and suppliers added to a relentless search for newer, stronger and higher value suppliers has extended our product range and enabled us to offer even better offers and deals to our customers.

As well as supplying HP, Lenovo and Acer desk top computers GHO has manufactured Desk TOP computers and Servers since 2002. Our PC's can be found in schools, offices and homes throughout the length and breath of Ireland. 

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